“Joy” by Cindy Debold

“Joy” is located at the Georgetown Public Library 9th St. entrance.

Artist: Cindy Debold
Dimensions: 72”H x 72”W x 20”D
Materials: Stainless Steel
Price: $4,750

“‘Joy’ is sculpture from my emotions series. My goal was to find the essence of the emotion using simplified body language. The see-through heart represents how true love has nothing to hide and the stainless steel reflective surface, symbolizes how happiness radiates out to others.

Although I was an art major in college, I didn’t start sculpture until moving to the Austin area over 30 years ago. Since then I’ve made primarily realistic and abstract figurative sculptures, using body language and/or symbolism to express different emotions. My first abstract sculptures were inspired by the petroglyphs I saw in New Mexico during which time I was also reading the book, “Man and His Symbols” by Carl Jung. I was captivated by the emotion and strength that can be expressed using minimal gestures and design.

I like to use a variety of materials in my work and have several series in each of my favorite mediums; which include clay, bronze, stainless steel, painted wood branches, and acrylic on canvas. I have work in several Texas galleries, sculpture gardens, and public places in and out of state.
My husband, Gary Winston, and I live in Lago Vista. We have three grown children and four grandchildren.” Cindy Debold

This piece is on loan to the City of Georgetown from the artist with support from the Georgetown Arts & Culture Board, and will be on exhibit through October 2020. To view this piece on the Sculpture Tour map, please click here.

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