“One Trick Pony” by Dan Pogue

“One Trick Pony” is located at the corner of Austin Ave. and 6th St.

Artist: Dan Pogue
Dimensions: 65”H x 24”W x 24”D
Materials: Cast Bronze on Steel Pedestal
Price: $5,000


“Memories of carousel ponies were the inspiration for One Trick Pony. While growing up, I always enjoyed going to carnivals, but the one thing that really impressed me was the carousel. There were so many horses in various positions of running and jumping. They had so much energy. Their bright colors were the images I needed to create this piece. One Trick Pony was the third in a series of five. By using a splash of bright colors, energy and movement, I was able to achieve the desired effect.

I first took up paintings at the age of 14. Art was always a gravitational pull for me. Over many years of growth and developing my work, I moved from a
traditional style to more of what can I do to keep me motivated with art. I enjoy the process by learning new and different forms of art. By using a splash of bright colors, energy and movement, I am able to achieve the desired effect.

I’ve always wanted to reinvent the wheel so to speak by pushing the limits of using new styles, patinas, or different materials. There is a consistent swirl of creativity, always moving through my mind no matter where I am or what I am doing.

There were rewards and setbacks while finding my way through life as an artist. It was never easy but it never stopped me from doing what I love.” Dan Pogue

This piece is on loan to the City of Georgetown from the artist with support from the Georgetown Arts & Culture Board, and will be on exhibit through October 2020. To view this piece on the Sculpture Tour map, please click here.

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