Awards Announced in 2016 Art Hop Exhibit


Now in its ninth year, the Art Hop is a statewide arts competition that celebrates Texas artists. The categories include 2D Abstract, 2D Representational, Sculpture, Photography, and Printmaking. Awards were announced on Saturday, Oct. 1 at the conclusion of a progressive artists reception that began at the Georgetown Public Library and ended at the Georgetown Art Center for the announcement of awards:

Best in Show: Stella Alesi “The Act or Process of Transformation”

2D Representational:
1st place Jennifer Polnaszek “Tween”
2nd place: Suzie Baker “Two Ways In”
3rd place: John Schaeffer “Rocket 88”

2D Abstract:
1st place: Kelsey Baker “Double Vision”
2nd place: Gary Anderson “Nearing Crossover”
3rd place: Tommy Wilson “Zilker Waterfall”

1st place: Kali Brown “Suffocating Thoughts”
2nd place: Cristian Montoya “The Beginning”
3rd place: Marianne Levy “Alien Mammalian”

1st place: Ryan Johnson “Colossus ”
2nd place: Andreon Henry ” Deep Sea Diver”
3rd place: Eileen McClellan “Solace in Memories”

1st place: Angelika Ejtel “You have Small Braids like Spider Threads”
2nd place: Roger Levesque “Waiting”
3rd place: Larry Alford “Morning Silhouette”

Honorable Mentions:
Kathryn Yu “We’ve Drifted”
Beverly Dennis “Mesa Pathway”
Graham Franciose “He Couldn’t Let Go…”
Valerie Chaussonnet “Kissing Brancusi”
John Mark Luke “Conform Chaos”
Jill Thrasher “Untitled (Leaf #6)”
Cordelia Blanchard “Residue Series: Falling 1”
Carlos Lewis “Self-Reflection, Naked”
David Weaver “Tight”
Lucian Richards “Southern Cross”

The 2016 Art Hop Exhibit continues at the Georgetown Art Center & Georgetown Public Library through October 29. For more information, visit

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