“Ms. Olive” by Cat Quintanilla

“Ms. Olive” by Cat Quintanilla is outside the 9th Street entrance to Georgetown Public Library. It was awarded Honorable Mention in this year’s Sculpture Tour. The library‚Äôs address is 402 W. Eighth Street.

Artist: Cat Quintanilla
Website: stonecarvercat.com
Dimensions: 2′ H x 2′ W x 1′ D
Materials: Carved in Texas Limestone
Price: $6,500-no base or $7,500-with cube metal base

Interview with Sculptor Cat Quintanilla, November 2018:

Q: Why did you create the piece?
A: The companionship of a loyal dog is unmatched in that it has historically added to lives of human beings. In my world, as an artist, my loyal studio pup is an adorable corgi named Olive. She is my best art critic and my constant companion every day in my SW Austin-area stone carving studio. Olive also travels with me in Mexico as I gather inspirations for future works. Woof.

Q: Where else has this piece been since you created it.
A: The sculpture was in Marble Falls’ public exhibit a couple years ago, however, the sculpture as it appears today was reworked heavily to enhance its sense of volume and style.

Q: What would you like the viewer to take away from the piece?
A: A smile.

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