Don Snell: Oils, Bronze, Ceramic

[title]Artist Statement[/title]

Snell painted figuratively with a non-objective approach. Most of his work was involved with the human figure and it frequently had strong sexual overtones. He did not draw on nature for his inspiration; his art was conceived in the studio. He did not use models. He did not use natural light. He painted with his canvas stretched and stapled to the studio wall.

Snell found it difficult to discuss his work. He knew that he had strong feelings about religion, sex, love, government and justice. Since all things are subjective, these elements varied depending on what he happened to be doing at the moment.

[title]For More Information[/title]

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[title]Featured Image[/title]

“My Kitchen Lampshade” by Don Snell. Oil on canvas, 36.5 inches high, 51.5 wide.

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