“Jumping Through Hoops” by Frank Maglio

“Jumping Through Hoops” by Frank Maglio is outside the 9th Street entrance to Georgetown Public Library. It was awarded Honorable Mention in this year’s Sculpture Tour. The library’s address is 402 W. Eighth Street.

Artist: Frank Maglio
Website: magliosart.com/frank-maglio
Dimensions: 6′ 3/4″ H x 18″ W x 9″ D
Materials: Welded mild steel
Price: $1,250

Interview with Sculptor Frank Maglio, November 2018:

Q: Why did you create this piece?
A: In our relationships we jump through hoops for the one we love even though out heart may have been broken (notice broken heart at the bottom of the hoop).

To view this piece on the Sculpture Tour map, please click here.