“Healing Community” by Anthony St. James

Healing Community is located at the corner of 7th Street and Rock St outside of Blue Corn Harvest.

Artist: Anthony St. James
Dimensions: 7’6”H X 3’W X 3’D
Materials: Steel and 6″ Steel Pipe
Price: $10,000

“This piece is new art never before seen by the public, it is a three-dimensional contemporary sculpture made entirely of steel to withstand the harsh Texas weather and human touch. This sculpture stands seven feet and six inches tall and weighs four hundred and nine pounds. It was designed to be safely displayed in public and needs no maintenance during a one-year outdoor display. This piece will bolt to a concrete pad using three half inch anchor bolts. I created this sculpture to honor the medical professionals who kept this sculptor alive in 2020-21. Their experience and professionalism enabled me to continue my passion of sculpting public art. The outer circle of the sculpture represents the overall medical community of care and healing and the security that community provides. The heart into infinity in the center of this piece represents my personal feelings toward the aforementioned medical professionals, especially the nurses, who were so very kind and patient with me.” Anthony St. James

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