“Interconnected” by Laura Armstrong

Interconnected is located at the corner of 7th Street and Church Street outside of the Golden Rule.

Artist: Laura Armstrong
Dimensions: 84”H x 48”W x 17”D
Materials: Steel, Copper Brazing and Granite
Price: $4,800

Interconnected depicts natural, plant-like pods emerging from a single stem, symbolizing how all entities are intertwined with, dependent upon, and affected by each other.

Interconnectedness includes people and our relation to the natural world (and to each other) for those who choose to think deeper. Yet, ’Interconnected’ can be appreciated purely for its visual interest.

This sculpture may also ‘read’ in multiple ways — for example, one might see a flying insect in this sculpture. Interpreting my work in multiple ways reveals the interconnectedness of forms and one’s own perspective.

“Inspired by organic shapes found in nature, I reshape rigid steel into flowing forms using a variety of metal-working techniques. My work features asymmetrical yet balanced design and prominent use of negative space. My thoughtful and refined sculpture is suitable for outdoor public settings.

While I welcome private commissions, public art enhances quality of life in a community, and I wish to contribute to that objective by having my sculpture reach a larger audience when displayed as public art.

Interconnected was specially designed and built as outdoor sculpture for the Georgetown Sculpture Tour. Laura Armstrong

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