JoRene Newton: Multimedia and Collage

[title]Artist Statement[/title]

A childhood meeting with Helen Keller and her understanding of “wonder” encouraged me to share the “wonder” of creativity in my work and in my teaching.

As a high school teacher I was privileged to encourage my students to discover their creativity. At a reception for Art Graduates of the 20th Century at Texas A&M University Kingsville, I was united with 14 former students who are now either practicing artists or art teachers.

While versed in many media of art, I chose to expand my knowledge of water media, a field in which I work today. By including collage in my work I have enjoyed the tactile experience it provides. I am a signature member of the International Society of Experimental Artists.

My most recent paintings include collage and other found objects. This series of acrylic and collage canvases is entitle Land Forms, based on Genesis 1-10, “…and God called the dry land earth.”.

The images are from sketches I made on a trip to Utah and Arizona. I enjoy this way of working rather than use my photographs.

I believe that everyone is an artist and anyone who is interested in learning to unleash his creativity can do so.

I hope that you enjoy my work.

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[title]Featured Image Above[/title]

Dwarfs & Giants at Ghost Ranch by JoRene Newton (Acrylic/Casein)

Big Tree of the Three Tree Series by JoRene Newton (Collaged and painted print with paper clay and foil)
Jelly Beans in a Jar #26 by JoRene Newton (serigraph)
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