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“Ladder Man” by Jay Schaan

“Ladder Man” by Jay Schaan is outside the Ninth Street entrance to the Georgetown Public Library. It was awarded Honorable Mention in this year’s Sculpture Tour. The library’s address is 402 W. Eighth Street. 

Artist: Jay Schaan
Dimensions: 66″ x 32″; 150 lb.
Materials: Steel
Price: $2,600

Interview with Sculptor Jay Schaan
November 2017

Q: Why did you create the piece?
A: This piece is one of my “Peculiar People” series. These sculptures are a whimsical look at what people deal with as they navigate every day life.

Q: How complicated is the transportation/assembly/installation of your piece?
A: I work alone so I have to keep in mind I may need to transport and install my sculptures by myself. So, I try to design pieces in a size and weight that make this possible.

Q: Where else has this piece been since you created it?
A: This piece has not been seen anywhere else.

Q: What would you like the viewer to take way from the piece?
A: If you keep your perception of success in life on a short ladder, the fall from a failure will not be all that painful.

This piece is on loan to the City of Georgetown from the artist with support from the Georgetown Arts & Culture Board, and will be on exhibit through October 2018.

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