“Breaking Bounds” by Laura Sturtz

“Breaking Bounds” by Laura Sturtz is located on 7th & Main Street by Gumbos restaurant. It was awarded Honorable Mention in this year’s Sculpture Tour.

Artist: Laura Sturtz
Dimensions: 92″ H x 40″ W x 22″ D
Materials: Copper & brass
Price: $4,500

Interview with Sculptor Laura Sturtz, November 2018:

Q: What would you like the viewer to take way from the piece?
A: From certain views, the large tubes forms give the impression of incomplete circles. The tubes and wires extending inward imply a reach to create a closed form. However, there is a visual ambiguity: is this coming together or coming apart and expanding. From another view, the forms are completely open. To this artist’s mind, it’s a release, a freeing of form.To view this piece on the Sculpture Tour map, please click here.