“Mantis” by John Mark Luke

Mantis is located at the southeast corner of 8th Street and Austin Ave outside of Kilwin’s.

Artist: John Mark Luke
Dimensions: 96”H x 54”W x 48”D
Materials: Reclaimed/recycled Steel, Angle Iron, Rebar and Steel Tubing
Price: $4,500

Mantis is an abstract steel sculpture made of reclaimed/salvage steel. This recently created piece addresses the juxtaposition of static triangular shapes and organic “vine-like” features that wind through the work, while also incorporating circular elements of interest, or moments, from it’s base to it’s top.

“I am drawn to juxtapositions in life. There is a harmony found in the light-dark, smooth-rough, and the sweet-salty. The one gives life to the other. It all starts in the studio. Inspiration is found throughout the process of work.

As far as materials go, I love to use salvaged, recycled, and reclaimed materials as much as possible. Industrial materials strictly manufactured to do a job, never to be appreciated for it’s inherent beauty. I especially love to use common steel rebar rod. It’s manufactured to be covered in concrete, so vital to the world’s physical infrastructure yet such a satisfying material
to shape into prominent features of art.

Both “Mantis” and “Tree of Life” are abstract sculptures from my latest body of work finished in 2022 and are made entirely of salvaged, reclaimed materials. My approach in making work is to create what I want to see in the world. In these times it seems our society is flooded with information and opinions that constantly insist that you think this way or that way, buy this thing or that thing, you must choose us or them – crazy! The hope is, my work doesn’t “talk at” the viewer but invites conversation.” John Mark Luke


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