“Maya” by Reynaldo Alaniz

Maya is located at the Georgetown Public Library outside the 9th Street entrance.

Artist: Reynaldo Alaniz
Dimensions: 27″H x 60″W x 40″D
Materials: Cast Bronze with Blue-green Patina
Price: $40,000

“This sculpture was inspired by a Mayan stone figure which has been found at many Mayan archeological sites in central America. There are several ideas about what this figure symbolized to the Maya people and what role it played in various religious ceremonies. What appealed to me was the relaxed posture, even though it is not necessarily a relaxed position for any normal person to assume. I took artistic liberty to make changes and abstracted it; this is what I came up with. The message to me is that of a figure in repose acting as a sort of lookout. Ever since the year 2000, when I made the clay maquette for a marble carving class in Pietrasanta, Italy, it has been a dream of mine to enlarge it in stone which I did in 2017; and, then export the design to a large version in bronze . So finally, in July , 2022, it is done.

Who hasn’t been impressed by the beauty in nature and all around us. Beauty enhances the environment. It sparks creativity. After seeing work by great artists, I was inspired to give it a try. So, I started drawing, then painting, then making sculpture. Art is the portal through which artists enter the creative process on a purpose-driven journey to an encounter with beauty made by his own hands. It is not just a physical job, but also, an intellectual exercise with a spiritual component which can subtly and emotionally touch our soul. Artworks add to the beauty around us and can make our world a better place. I strive to improve my technical and artistic skills to do my best. I love the freedom to work as an artist.”

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