City Hall Gallery: Artwork by Jessica Meurer Sobhani

The current exhibition at City Hall is on exhibit from April – June 2021. The exhibit features recent work by local artist and educator, Jessica Meurer Sobhani.

“I am a Georgetown based artist and educator. I was trained in traditional drawing and painting techniques at The University of Texas in Austin and I am currently teaching painting at East View High School. I’ve lived in Central Texas my whole life but moved to Georgetown Texas with my family about 8 years ago.

I work primarily in oils, acrylics and colored pencils. After graduating college I began a mural company and have created public and private murals from Georgetown to as far South as San Antonio. I even had the opportunity to create art for Disney Lucasfilms for the opening of Star Wars The Force Awakens. I like to explore multiple media and challenge myself with realism while retaining a sense of whimsy with exaggerated color choices and high contrast images.

My current work explores themes of travel, nostalgia, and celebrating the beauty of the natural world. I  am currently working towards a Masters in Biology Teaching with a thesis that focuses on using the arts to communicate climate science concepts to the public. Rather than focusing on all the problems facing society with the current climate crisis, my work is aiming to remind people of the beauty of the natural world, and why travel and conservation is important for everyone, artists included. This series of work explores my travels through Texas, Hawaii, and Alaska that helped me develop my love of the natural world. The images are based on my photography from my travels. My experiences in Alaska particularly changed the course of my artwork and interests and inspired me to pursue scientific concepts in my work.”

Jessica Meurer Sobhani is also a member of the Georgetown Arts and Culture Board and helped refine the employee appreciation mural, We Are Poppy Strong.

Past City Hall exhibitions include:

Carol Light, April – June 2019

“The City Hall lobby also features a rotating quarterly art exhibit sponsored by the Georgetown Arts and Culture Board. The first selection features seven pieces by Carol Light. Her art has been exhibited internationally and won numerous awards. She has been a favorite local artist for many years and her works permanently hang in prominent locations around town. The City Council recognized Ms. Light’s contributions to arts and culture in Georgetown in November 2016.”  Ellen Greeney, Williamson County Sun


Gary Anderson, July – September 2019

Compelled to explore discarded, anachronistic, and misplaced items, Gary Anderson’s work endeavors to offer objects an afterlife within other forms. By performing repetitive and rhythmic artistic tasks, he creates families of related shapes and textures, resulting in the discovery of new sets, groups, and configurations. Individual reincarnated works materialize in their newly assigned place, beckoning us to contemplate and reflect.



Norma Clark, October – December 2019

Norma Clark attended Southwestern University in Georgetown and graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in 1997. She received her Masters of Fine Arts from Vermont College of Norwich University in 2000.

Clark is an abstract artist whose paintings are expressive, intuitive, and spontaneous. Her abstractions stem from various sources and document discoveries made during her investigations. Process is a key part of Clark’s work, and the objective is to create paintings that are visually engaging and contain ambiguities of space, color, form, and chaos. Her paintings are personal and are reflections of a range of internal emotions and complexities of life.


Georgetown ISD Advanced Placement Students, January – March 2020


Seth Daulton, June & July 2020

Sites (Revisited): Seth Daulton, was on exhibit in June and July of 2020. Seth is represented by Nicole Longnecker Gallery in Houston, TX. , and he is currently working as Technical Assistant and Exhibitions Coordinator at Southwestern University in Georgetown,TX.

Artwork pictured: “Site LVI”; Lithography, monotype, and paper lithography; 15″ x 22″; 2020



Devon Clarkson, August & September 2020

This exhibit featured recent work by Devon Clarkson, one of the mural artists for the Preserving History Mural and the artist selected for the Red Poppy Festival Poster 20th Anniversary Edition.

Featured Image: “Cecely’s View” by Devon Clarkson; winner of the Best of Show award in the 2020 Georgetown Art Hop!



Sonia Colonna Mathis, October – December 2020

This exhibit featured recent work by local artist, art instructor, former gallery owner, and custom picture framer, Sonia Colonna Mathis.






Julia Canfield, April – June 2021

In Polymer Empire, Julia Canfield explores the ironic beauty and luminosity of single-use shopping bags by engaging with ideas of nature versus humanity; how humans contaminate nature, and vice versa. Canfield studies the forms, textures, and transparencies of plastic bags, highlighting their strange allure through abstraction. In order to express the implications of globalised consumerism, many of the paintings’ compositions are inspired by maps of areas which either produce or suffer from high levels of plastic pollution. Through this work, viewers may confront the complex emotions which can arise from the paradox of humanity’s guilty fascination with consumerism.

The Gallery Wall at City Hall will exhibit four local artists per year, with opportunities for students from Georgetown Independent School District and Southwestern University to exhibit their work. The exhibitions are by invitation and are designed to align with current Georgetown Arts and Culture Programming. To be considered for an invitation by the Georgetown Arts and Culture Board, local artists may submit their resume and portfolio to

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