“Uncommon Egret” by Marla Ripperda

“Uncommon Egret” is located near the corner of 8th Street and Main Street near Century 21.

Artist: Marla Ripperda
Dimensions: 6’H x 19″’W x 32″D
Materials: Mixed media- MagicSculpt (2 part epoxy clay) over expanded metal lath
Price: $4,000

“Uncommon Egret” is a whimsical egret sculpture mounted on a 19’x32″ metal base with a batik embossed finish.

“What is my art about? It’s about raucous joy, quiet beauty and the humor which makes us human.” I sculpt, paint and draw in a variety of mediums to create individual, unique and personalized art.” Marla Ripperda

This piece is on loan to the City of Georgetown from the artist with support from the Georgetown Arts & Culture Board, and will be on exhibit through November 2021. To view this piece on the online Sculpture Tour map, please click here.

To purchase, please contact Amanda Still at arts@georgetown.org.

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