“Waco Tool” by Rollin Karg

Waco Tool is located at the Georgetown Public Library outside the 9th Street entrance.

Artist: Rollin Karg
Dimensions: 93″H x 60″W x 24″D
Materials: Painted Steel and Blown Glass
Price: $4,350

“The Waco series honors a transformational time in my life. I moved into a home on Waco street in Wichita, Kansas, eventually living there 21 years. It was during that time I discovered I was an artist and began to establish and build my business and reputation. The sculpture is constructed of a variety of unique steel shapes that are welded together. Various finishing techniques, including powder coating complete the desired finish on the sculpture. The blown glass satellite was created in my studio in Kechi, Kansas. Waco Tool is fun and whimsical. Vertical willow rods & the large ring provide the structure. Ribbons, discs, tools & a colorful glass satellite complete the sculpture.” Rollin Karg

Rollin Karg has built his 40+ year career creating unique and beautiful glass sculptures. More recently, he began working with metals to create the large-scale sculptures for public art displays. The sculptures are constructed of various types of metals to which plasma cut pieces, tools and other pieces of metal from his shop are welded on. Various techniques, including powder coating are used to complete the desired finish on the sculpture. The glass satellites are hand blown in his studio in Kechi, Kansas. Rollin’s sculptures can be found in many Galleries throughout the United States and many of his large-scale metal sculptures are on display in various locations in Kansas, Georgia, Nebraska, Tennessee and Texas.

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