Artist Selected for Georgetown Animal Shelter Mural

Artist and muralist Jason Tetlak of Jacksonville, FL was selected by the Georgetown Animal Shelter and the Georgetown Arts and Culture Board to design and install the upcoming mural at the shelter. Mr. Tetlak has completed mural projects across the country, including “No Sleep” – a mural in Jacksonville featuring the Beastie Boys and winner of the Guinness World Record for largest 3D/Anaglyph painting.

Tetlak says he was very interested in submitting his design for this mural project for a number of reasons. “First, I enjoy being a part of projects that are specifically aimed at leveraging art to transform public spaces. I have seen first hand how these types of projects can bring about positive change, and how public art can draw attention to a business or location. Additionally, I am excited by the idea of using public art as a platform to promote the shelter’s mission of providing animals with a second chance, and hopefully use my art to draw more people’s attention to the shelter. Ultimately I hope my colorful design will get more people involved either directly or indirectly in helping the shelter and the animals that are cared for there.”

The mural design will undergo some minor revisions and is scheduled for installation this spring. For more information on the artist, Jason Tetlak, and to view examples of his work, please visit his Instagram page by clicking here.

Final design of the mural, “Pick Me” is shown below.

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