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City Sculpture Tour

The City of Georgetown sponsors a rotating Sculpture Tour in the Cultural District.

The pieces listed below will remain on exhibit through October 2018. (You can view a video about the installation of these pieces in the left-hand column of this page or on the City of Georgetown YouTube Channel.)

The Sculpture Tour currently features works of art in two Cultural District locations: Main Street between Seventh and Eighth streets and the Georgetown Public Library.

Sculptures are grouped below by location; locations are marked with asterisks on the Sculpture Tour Map.

To walk the Sculpture Tour, begin at 7th and Main streets, in front of the City Council Chambers, to see the first piece, and then proceed south along Main. Five pieces of artwork are located on the east side of Main Street from 7th to 8th Street. Then turn right on 8th Street and go west toward the Georgetown Public Library, which is just past the intersection of Rock and 8th streets. Enter the library, walk through the lobby and out the doors on the 9th Street side to see the remaining four sculptures.

Main Street, on the Downtown Square

Georgetown Public Library at 402 W. Eighth Street