2nd Place Winner – “Bending Sound” by Steve Southerland

Bending Sound is located at the corner of 6th Street and Austin Ave near the Monument Cafe.

Artist: Steve Southerland
Dimensions: 123″H x 48”W x 36”D
Materials: Steel, Copper, Steel Wire
Price: $13,500

This steel guitar sculpture stands 10’3″ tall. Music notes emitting from the sound hole and surrounding the neck of the guitar suggests movement of the music. The music note motif also appears on the base.

Entitled ” Bending Sound”, it evokes the music as interpreted by the musician, bending sound as the guitar is played. Notes swirl around the larger-than-life sculpture as the guitar appears to bend with the music.

This acoustic guitar sculpture is mounted on a cylinder and rectangular base of 3/8″ plate steel. A rusted patina is the finish and can withstand wind and weather.

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