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City of Georgetown Arts & Culture Grants

The Georgetown Arts and Culture Board invites grant proposals for art, music, theatre, and cultural heritage events or projects twice each year. Nonprofit organizations, schools, informal arts and culture organizations, and individual artists who are creating public art or an event open to the public are eligible to apply.

Open calls for grant proposals are issued on this schedule:

For events occurring in…      Call will be open      Candidates will be notified      Checks will be mailed     
April 2019-Sept. 2019 Dec. 1-30, 2018 January 2019 February
Oct. 2019-March 2020 June 1-30, 2019 July 2019 August

Please go to the Call for Proposals page to find a link to the current Proposal Form.

Some of the information requested will be:

  • Contact information for someone who is readily available to answer questions about the proposal
  • Purpose and description of the event or project
  • Amount being requested and total budget, including other anticipated funding sources (e.g., donations, ticket sales, other grants)
  • Date, location, admission charge, and anticipated attendance
  • Size and demographic makeup of past audiences or participants

Special consideration will be given for events or projects that meet one or more of these criteria:

  • Are free admission
  • Include outreach to populations that are traditionally underrepresented
  • Have a cultural tourism or economic impact (e.g., events that may attract people who also attend other arts & culture venues or events, stay overnight, shop, or dine in Georgetown)

Organizations or individuals that receive funding will be required to follow up by:

  • Recognizing the City of Georgetown Arts and Culture Board in their advertising and programs
  • Submitting a one-page report to the Arts and Culture Board with a description of the use of grant funds and copies of event promotion materials

If you have questions, please email Lawren Weiss at or call 512-930-3552.