The Georgetown Cultural District


art-center-frontThe comment heard most often after last year’s issue of the Georgetown Arts & Culture Guide was published was an emphatic, “There is way more going on in Georgetown than I thought!”

The wide-ranging arts opportunities in town are inspiring. The Texas Commission on the Arts agrees that Georgetown has a lot going on, so they designated a 40-block area surrounding the Square as a state Cultural District—a special arts zone. Georgetown’s Cultural District is one of only 28 cultural districts across the entire state, lending a level of distinction and recognition to the community.

cd-jumping-around-by-joseph-magnano-editedGeorgetown is also distinctive in that it is the fastest growing city over 50,000 people in the entire country. The cultural arts sector is taking off as a result of that population growth. Arts and culture organizers bring the architecture and history of the area to life, curate thought-provoking art exhibits and events, create magical theatre experiences, and organize concerts that inspire.

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Georgetown’s Cultural District overlaps the historic downtown Square and its many wonderful restaurants, wineries, galleries, and much more. It is the focal point for dedicated arts and culture organizers: the people who are the foundation of the vibrant arts community. The Square—the Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas—is at the center, lined with antique shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. There are new and exciting things to do every year.

There may be way more going on in Georgetown and the Cultural District than you realized, too.