“Red Plant Form” by Laura Sturtz

Red Plant Form is located at the Georgetown Public Library outside the 9th Street entrance.

Artist: Laura Sturtz
Dimensions: 58”H x 21”W x 26”D
Materials: Powder-coated Mild Steel

Price: $2,500

“I find the process of creating large scale sculptures (lifesize) to be very intriguing. A major challenge is to engage the viewer. Other challenges include determining appropriate materials for the projected sculpture, or determining the best way to use the ‘found’ materials at hand. It is always interesting to see how, during its creation, a large piece evolves from its original plan.

As a sculptor, my primary concern is with form in three dimensions.  In sculpture, the artwork changes as the viewer moves.  Relationships between forms shift. Creating in 3D requires the artist to be in several places at once.  This condition suits my nature, as I prefer things to be fluid as opposed to contained.

The creation of each new piece can lead me towards several directions I could follow in subsequent designs. Making choices and forming self-limitations is quite challenging.” Laura Sturtz

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