“Whirlwind” by Tim Glover

Whirlwind is located at the corner of Main Street and 9th Street across from the Georgetown Art Center.

Artist: Tim Glover
Dimensions: 12’H x 4’W x 4’D
Materials: Steel and Paint
Price: $50,000

A bird and a horn toad are found perching on this iconic Texas twister.

“My medium is primarily sculpture and I fabricate my pieces from steel, wood, and other materials. I am a high school art teacher with a professional studio practice, I divide my time between teaching and making art. My pieces are labor intensive and can take some time to produce. My process is based in metal fabrication, and I have an ongoing obsession with object building and craftsmanship. These pursuits allow me to engage materials in an intimate dialogue to produce my forms. My sculptures are inspired by many things both man-made and natural, and the style is somewhat representational.” Tim Glover

This piece is on loan to the City of Georgetown from the artist with support from the Georgetown Arts & Culture Board, and will be on exhibit through September 2022. To view this piece on the online Sculpture Tour map, please click here.

To purchase, please contact Amanda Still at arts@georgetown.org.

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