“Joyful Journey Color Column” by Laura Armstrong

Joyful Journey Color Column is located at the corner of 7th Street and Main Street outside of Juliet.

Artist: Laura Armstrong
Dimensions: 96”H x 34”W x 34”D
Materials: Steel Strap, Steel Pipe, and Colored Plexiglass
Price: $4,200

Joyful Journey Color Column is eye candy deluxe! The form resembles a trail maker or directional sign.

This 8-foot tall steel and plexiglass sculpture is comprised of 5 color blocks and spacers which nest over a central pole.

The sculpture’s lines are layered, smooth, and sophisticated. This is a visually buoyant sculpture which reads as upbeat and cheerful.

The sculpture’s 5 distinct color block panels swivel around a central pole (if assisted by the viewer), providing opportunity for a variety of looks, all depending on the orientation of the panels in relation to each other and the vantage point of the viewer.

The steel has been sealed with multiple coats of clear lacquer to prevent rusing, thereby preserving the sculpture’s polished and refined look.

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