“Big Baby Bluebonnet” by Mylinda Farr

Big Baby Bluebonnet is located at the Georgetown Recreation Center.

Artist: Mylinda Farr
Dimensions: 90″H x 90″W X 96″D
Materials: Powder Coated Metal Tubing
Price: $10,000

My sculpture’s large, airy and abstracted geometric shape of a bluebonnet floret evokes a feeling of beauty and resiliency. This sculpture symbolizes new life and the unique excitement that comes to Texans when this specific flower gives the community a lovely explosion of blue, rising up after the cold months, year after year.

My 3-D metal sculptures echo my abstract 2-D pieces of art I create on canvas where I paint up-close geometric florals using oil paint and a palette knife. The shapes within the shape of a flower fuel my experimentation with metal sculptures. I grew up in a Texas Panhandle wheat farming community where our family owned the only hobby shop in the region offering classes like tole-painting and restoring antique trunks. My life ventured forward as I spent a year in Jerusalem, followed by living in New Mexico and Old East Dallas and then tackling an MBA with a healthcare focus early on in my career. With nature’s inspiration surrounding me on my family’s small ranch in East Texas, I relish the challenge of expanding botanical delicateness into large, strong forms with a geometrical bent. I begin by examining the circles and rectangles within a blossom to present florals up close to the public, thus bringing an intimacy beyond the typical splash of color seen from a neighbor’s garden bed or a highway’s edge.

At first, many may not identify this particular sculpture as a bluebonnet flower as I present it partially with only one blossom and without any leaves. I feel this is fine, as the face of the bluebonnet brings interest on its own merit, offering a contemporary perspective. Additionally, I want to offer something fresh to the community through public art; for example, this sculpture frequently prompts comments like “I never realized an individual bluebonnet’s face looked like that.”

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