“Circular Reflect” by Scott Shubin

Photography by Rudy Ximenez

Circular Reflect by Scott Shubin is located near the new 8th Street parking lot across from the Georgetown Public Library. The 12-foot-tall kinetic sculpture is crafted from the Georgetown Historic District’s old decomissioned street signs.

The new historic district street signs that replaced the old were beautifully designed to pay tribute to the architectural heritage of the Georgetown community. The architectural design detail on the new signs was created by Georgetown artist Nick Ramos and was inspired by the large number of Mesker Brothers storefronts in the downtown area. As the “Red Poppy Capitol of Texas”, the new signs are a “red poppy red” color and feature a flower as part of the architectural design.

But what to do with the old street signs?

Many of these decommissioned street signs were sold to residents interested in owning a little bit of history. The Georgetown Arts and Culture Board wanted to use the remaining signs to create a piece of sculptural public art that embodies the theme of recycling and reusing elements from our past to direct us forward into a better future. With the help of the City of Georgetown’s Environmental Services Department, old traffic signs were also used as material for the sculpture!

Artist Scott Shubin from Arlington, TX was selected from among 20 artists who submitted qualifications. Shubin has also been selected to feature two more of his sculptures in the 2020-2021 Annual Georgetown Sculpture Tour. For more information on the artist, please click here to visit his website.


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