City Hall Gallery Features Artwork by Southwestern University Student Julia Canfield

The current exhibition at City Hall is on exhibit from January – March 2020. The exhibit features recent work by Southwestern University student graduate Julia Canfield. Artwork can be viewed Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm.

In Polymer Empire, Julia Canfield explores the ironic beauty and luminosity of single-use shopping bags by engaging with ideas of nature versus humanity; how humans contaminate nature, and vice versa. Canfield studies the forms, textures, and transparencies of plastic bags, highlighting their strange allure through abstraction. In order to express the implications of globalised consumerism, many of the paintings’ compositions are inspired by maps of areas which either produce or suffer from high levels of plastic pollution. Through this work, viewers may confront the complex emotions which can arise from the paradox of humanity’s guilty fascination with consumerism.

Julia Canfield is a recent graduate of Southwestern University with a BA in Studio Arts with a focus in oil painting. She is interested in the use of beauty and subtlety in art as a means to encourage deeper reflection and mindfulness, and to explore the design of our world. Canfield currently resides in Portland, Oregon, but maintains roots in the Austin area. Follow her on Instagram at @julia_can_art, or visit for more information.

The Gallery Wall at City Hall will exhibit two local artists per year, an exhibition of Georgetown Independent School District Advanced Placement student artwork, and an exhibition of Southwestern University student artwork. The exhibitions are by invitation and are designed to align with current Georgetown Arts and Culture Programming. To be considered for an invitation by the Georgetown Arts and Culture Board, local artists may submit their resume and portfolio to

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