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When it comes to shooting a digital photograph, I basically have two choices: I can take a realistic image (one that represents a literal view of the scene) or make an artistic rendering (one in which certain aspects of reality are altered with software in post production—usually by manipulating the colors and details or by deleting or adding textures and other elements). Most of the time, I make an artistic image. As Ansel Adams has said, “You don’t take a photograph; you make it.”

Shortly after we moved here to Georgetown, I joined the local Photography Club to learn about shooting images in RAW format and processing them in my digital darkroom. I believe in using whatever software tools are available—Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, Topaz, On1, Photomatix Pro, or Nik by DX0—to make my photos pop the way I want them to look. I combine these tools and the building blocks of my digital RAW images to make my digital impressions.

While I have never focused on one type of photography, exploring the high dynamic ranges of light in a photo is my passion—whether it be in a crumbly old barn or windmill in a rural Texas field, in a castoff rustic car or tractor, or in a scenic landscape with springtime flowers in the beautiful Hill Country around the small towns here in central Texas.

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“Field of Honor” by Fred Adsit


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