A survey of artists, musicians, actors, writers, and other creatives in Georgetown

Updated 2/10/24 This survey has ended. Thanks to all who responded.

The City of Georgetown has contracted TXP, Inc. to analyze the economic impact of the arts in the city. The focus of the study is to document the role of arts and culture in Georgetown’s local economy. This survey is intended to gather primary data on Georgetown’s arts community and will help frame the rest of the study.

If you earn money through art, music, theatre, writing, or other creative efforts in Georgetown, Texas, please follow this link and respond to this brief nine-question survey: Survey of Artists, Musicians, Actors, and Other Georgetown Creatives.  

If you have any questions about the survey or the resulting study, please contact:

Eric P. Lashley
City of Georgetown, Library Director


Travis James
Vice President, TXP

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