Improvements Made to the Shotgun House Museum

Photography by David Valdez

In 2022, the Shotgun House Museum received some significant landscaping improvements as part of the larger City Center Georgetown project. These improvements included an updated display of the heritage bricks commemorating members of the Georgetown Cultural Citizen Memorial Association, as well as the creation of two historic kiosks that share the history of the historic Shotgun House structure and the history of the Track, Ridge, Grasshopper neighborhoods where the Shotgun House is located.

The Shotgun House was built between 1920 and 1930. The Shotgun dwelling acquired its name from the idea that one could fire a gun from the front door and its bullet will pass through the house without hitting a wall. Typically, rooms open into rooms without hallways. It is currently leased to the Georgetown Cultural Citizens Memorial Association. For more detailed information and documentation on the African American Shotgun House Museum, visit the Williamson County Texas History website.

GCCMA was founded in 1975 and was first organized as the caretakers for the Afro-American Citizens Memorial Garden Cemetery (est. 1906) and later reorganized in 1982 with the same purpose. The Georgetown Cultural Citizen Memorial Association (GCCMA) exists to educate, preserve, and celebrate African American history and culture.  GCCMA fulfills its mission by partnering with religious, educational, civic and other organizations to provide for youth of all citizens in Georgetown, Texas. GCCMA continues to offer guided tours of the Shotgun House.

The mural behind the Shotgun House – Preserving History by Norma Clark and Devon Clarkson – was a collaboration between GCCMA and the Georgetown Arts and Culture Program. For more information on this mural project, visit the Preserving History Mural page.

For more information on the dedication, collaboration, and history behind the selection of the theme and artists for this mural, please click here.


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