Kathleen Lundy – ShadowWorks Jewelry


ShadowWorks Jewelry

ShadowWorks Jewelry has 18k gold and sterling silver fine jewelry that is handmade by Kathleen Lundy in Georgetown, TX. Each piece of jewelry Kathleen creates begins as an idea, followed by a quick sketch then an in-depth drawing. She works with the metal to bring her design to life using the traditional goldsmithing techniques of forging, forming, sawing, soldering, carving, and chasing and repousse. She textures the metal with hammers, burs, punches and organic surfaces. She incorporates textures that are inspired by sites she visited when she lived overseas in Asia and Africa and traveled around the world. You can see the influence of the natural environment that inspires Kathleen in each of her pieces: leaves, tree bark, rock formations and more.

Kathleen’s work has clean lines with a mixture of textured and patterned metal. She accents pieces with precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies and uses unique natural stones such as boulder opals and tourmalines as focal elements. Wearability of her jewelry is important as is the ability of collectors being able to make the piece their own by stacking or layering.

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