“Lake Georgetown” by J Muzacz

During the inaugural 2021 Georgetown Autumn Art Stroll, J Muzacz produced a mosaic workshop at the Georgetown Art Center to create a mosaic art piece in the shape of Lake Georgetown. With a grant from the Texas Commission on the arts to support the funding of stipends for artists featured on the Texas Touring Roster, the Arts and Culture Board purchased the mosaic by Muzacz. The piece is now a permanent installation at Georgetown City Hall adjacent to the City Hall Gallery.

J Muzacz is no stranger to Georgetown’s public art scene!  His most recent works include the mosaic tile mural in the Georgetown Municipal Court Lobby entitled “El Arbol” (The Tree) and the K9 Heroes Mural, “Best Friends”. Houston-born J Muzacz was recently honored by the Texas Commission on the Arts by inclusion in the 2020-2022 Texas Touring Roster. Muzacz has 15 years of experience painting large-scale murals for both public and private clients. He is also an educator and author/illustrator with two books to his credit, both bilingual in English and Japanese, from his time teaching overseas in Japan. He has lived and worked in Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand, having painted numerous notable murals abroad, one of which found its way into a Samsung commercial, as well as the cover of Hong Kong Airlines magazine. Connecting his passions for art and travel, J is eager to tour and engage with schools and communities all over the state of Texas, making and facilitating mural and mosaic art that uplifts, educates, and inspires people of all ages for years to come. Recently J has been commissioned across the country for commercial murals in Florida, California, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. He has also been invited to festivals as a featured artist in Austin, Houston, and Flint, Michigan, just to name a few. Please click here to visit J Muzacz’s website.

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