“Robert Williamson” by Lucas Adams

23W x 72T

“Robert Williamson” by Lucas Adams faces the Williamson Museum on Austin Avenue on the downtown Square and has been sponsored by the Williamson Museum.

Robert McAlpin Williamson (c. 1804-1859), better known as “Three-Legged Willie,” came to Texas from Georgia in 1826. He co-founded a newspaper and edited two others, practiced law, and was appointed a major in the Texas Rangers. Williamson fought in the Texian Army alongside San Houston, traveled early Texas as a circuit riding judge, served on the Texas Supreme Court, and was elected Senator for the new state of Texas. He believed that Texas Counties should be named for Texas heroes; our County is named for him. For more information about this fascinating figure and much more, visit the Williamson Museum at 716 S. Austin Ave. or click here to visit the website.


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