Ted Keller: Photography & Digital Multimedia

A Friend to Talk to by Ted Keller

Photography by Ted Keller

Ted Keller provides compelling photographic art as archival prints and stunning stock images for publications.  Walls of many homes, offices, and businesses are decorated with his enlargements sold online, in art/craft stores, at The Gallery Off the Square in Georgetown, and at trade fairs.

Mr. Keller teaches photography classes locally and offers his service as a personal “photography trainer.”  His images have been published in brochures, calendars, greeting cards, newspapers, magazines, books, and advertisements for more than two decades.  He recently published the photo book Fifty Feisty Photos For Daily Encouragement.

Email: tedjeakelr@aol.com

Website: photographybytedkeller.com

“A Friend to Talk To” by Ted Keller

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