All You Need is Love by Taylor Nagel

“All You Need is Love” by Taylor Nagel is part of the Georgetown Arts and Culture Program’s Commercial Mural Program. The mural design and installation was coordinated by the One Love Tattoos business, and the design was approved by the Georgetown Arts and Culture Board. The mural is located at 1202 Williams Drive.

Born into a traveling carnival show alongside his family’s concession business, artist Taylor Nagel grew up amongst rides covered in lettering and murals that were all painted by hand.  The lifestyle, bright colors, and bold lines that surrounded him every day sparked an interest in an age-old craft.  After years of practicing different styles of artistic medium, he could not escape his love for hand-lettering.  Using social media to display his work, he began doing projects for customers and small businesses alike.  In 2013, Taylor created Top Shelf Signs as an effort to turn his hobby into a 100% hand-painted sign business.  Taylor’s traditional tattoo imagery, mixed with circus style lettering has caught the attention of many via social media and in 2017, he landed a spot as an instructor at the Brushmaster’s Getaway.  Since then, Taylor has painted his way across the country, working with other respected artists and companies such as Red Bull and Monster Jam.  Top Shelf Signs continues to paint “Anything on Everything” and is dedicated to keeping the tradition of hand-painted signs alive.

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