“Pick Me” by Jason Tetlak

“Pick Me” by Jason Tetlak located at Georgetown Animal Shelter, 2021

From an article by Charlotte Kovalchuk…

“Purrfect Mural Spotlights Georgetown Animal Shelter

“Pick me!” shouts a half dozen raised paws on the exterior wall of the Georgetown Animal Shelter. To highlight the many animals waiting for their forever homes, as well as the shelter’s lifesaving animal rescue and adoption work, Jason Tetlak painted the “Making a Difference One Pet at a Time” mural at the shelter last month. “I am always looking for projects that use art as a way of transforming public spaces,” he says. “And this project not only does that, but it also serves as a way to support a shelter that provides homeless, injured, lost and neglected pets a second chance at a long, happy life. So I’m very honored to have been chosen to work on it.”

A mural artist from Jacksonville, Florida, Jason was chosen by the shelter and the Georgetown Arts and Culture Board to design and install the shelter mural. The artist’s footprint can be seen across the country with artwork such as “No Sleep,” a mural in Jacksonville featuring the Beastie Boys that won the Guinness World Record for largest 3D/Anaglyph painting. Jason is known for creating bold, colorful pieces, and this new artwork is no exception. “Bright colors have a way of affecting people in a positive way and I hope that putting an eye-catching design on this shelter will help draw attention to the great work they are doing here,” he says.

April Haughey with the Georgetown Animal Shelter notes that ‘Georgetown has a rich culture of art, including murals throughout the city. Art brings joy and inspiration to many people. There are some people that believe animal shelters are a place of sadness and cruelty. We know that is not the case and view animal shelters as a place for second chances, hope, and a safe haven for homeless, unwanted, and lost animals. We thought a mural would inspire the community to ask about our mission and help us to change some people’s perspectives on animal shelters. Jason’s design, “Pick me!”, is bright, cheerful, and inspiring and encompasses everything we hope to accomplish through our work. It highlights the importance of adopting from shelters and the eye-catching design is sure to attract members of the community which only enhances our ability to make a difference one pet at a time.'”

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