“Still Making History” by Yasaman Mehrsa

“Still Making History” by Yasaman Mehrsa, 2023; located at the corner of Austin Ave. and 9th St on the Williamson County Tax Bldg.

The 175th mural – Still Making History – is a celebration of the 175th birthday of Williamson County and the City of Georgetown. Williamson County collaborated with the City’s Arts and Culture Program to select an artist whose design best represents the history of the County while looking forward into the future of the rapidly growing County and City.

With the history of development of the County, agriculture played a major role in economic growth in the eastern part of the county, while the western part was urbanized to a faster pace of life. One side of the mural represents some imagery from rural areas of the County using agriculture, ranching, and an image of historic rural churches common throughout the area. The other side of the mural includes the more urban imagery of transportation and the downtown economic development of Georgetown and other more urban centers of the County, with the train being an icon that is important to past and future development of the County.

The San Gabriel River is a prominent part of the design and is a wonderful representation of the importance of conserving natural resources, which is just as much relevant today as it was historically as the community works together to maximize the water resources in Georgetown and throughout the County.




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