“Traditions to the Future” by Mila Sketch

“Traditions to the Future” by Mila Sketch, 2018

“Traditions to the Future” by Mila Sketch is located at 215 W. 8th Street and is the artwork selected by the Arts and Culture Board for the mural project, “Honoring the Past and Innovating the Future”.

The mural intention is to create an art dialogue with Georgetown residents and visitors about the historic heritage and new innovative technologies in the city. Mila is highlighting the importance of nature, eco life, and traditional celebration by painting fresh and vivid red poppy flowers in the front of the mural. It is also a tribute to the importantance of the Red Poppy Festival to the town.

Mila chose six important buildings from each part of town: Grace Heritage Church 811 Main Street; Georgetown Palace Theater (circa 1926) 810 S Austin Ave; M.B. Lockett building 119 West 7th street, 701 Main Street (circa 1900); Masonic Lodge, 707-709 Main Street.

The complete message of the art composition proposed to the viewer describes Georgetown as a progressive and beautiful city. Georgetown is honoring history and tradition, looking ahead to a consistent future development, while holding a loving and sustainable approach to the eco-environment.


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